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Demountable Partitioning

Demountable partition walls are favourable within offices due to the fact that they can be taken down and re-erected providing that the ceiling height does not vary too much. They can also be used where fire rated partitions are required.

It is a versatile non-load bearing relocatable partitioning system for internal use.  Manufactured by Komfort Partitioning Ltd the system is based on an aluminium framework 95mm (nominal) thick.

Focus supply and are installation specialists of demountable partitioning, we are approved installers for Komfort Partitioning Ltd.

Typical systems installed by us are Komfort’s ‘Kameo’ &’Polar’ systems other systems include SAS 3000 and Tenon.

Suspended Ceilings

Whatever the suspended ceiling requirements Focus will supply and install all types of suspended ceilings plus lights and accessories as follows:

  • Lay in and concealed grid
  • Metal Pan
  • MF Ceilings
  • Armstrong, Rockfon, Ecophon & AMF ceilings

All leading manufacturers systems are available.

The features and benefits of installing suspended ceilings:

  • Installing suspended ceilings creates an attractive office interior. They can be used to hide unsightly pipes and duct work, whilst still allowing these to be maintained when needed
  • Thermal insulation keeps your office warmer
  • Lower ceilings reduce sound pollution and echoing
  • Suspended ceilings increase the light in an office. 

Glazed Partitions

Using glazed partitions creates a modern, spacious office design that maximises natural light, however when privacy is needed there is an option of integral window blinds.

Focus supply and install glazed office partitions, in both clear and frosted glass. We use a frameless, full glazed, dry jointed partitioning system with translucent channels between the modules which gives a seamless aspect and an ease when relocating.

‘Polar’ single or double glazed system is available using 10mm or 12mm glass with the option of integral window blinds within the double glazed modules. We offer a range of doors to work with glazed partitions including hinged or sliding glazed doors and solid wood doors.

The features and benefits of installing glazed partitions:

  • Glazed partitioning creates a look of clean lines created by the translucent, rigid channels between the modules which are uninterrupted by intermediate posts
  • You have the choice of glazed or timber doors
  • Use of Switchglass

Fire Rated Partitions

Fire rated partitions are used to protect people, equipment and records against fire. They are graded by the amount of time protection they offer, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Focus supply and install ‘Komfire’ fire rated partitions and fire rated doors. ‘Komfire’ is a non-load bearing re locatable partitioning system for internal use. The system is based on framework of steel studs and tracks combined with pre-manufactured aluminium door and glazing frames and external aluminium trim sections.

Plasterboard Partitioning (taped & filled)

  • Metal Stud
  • Wall Lining

Operable Wall Systems

Focus can supply and install operable wall systems for complete space flexibility.

The features and benefits of installing Operable Wall Systems:

  • Suitable for use in locations ranging from offices, meeting and board rooms to hotels and conference centres
  • Modules run smoothly and quietly on multi bearing roller trolleys hung from ceiling mounted track
  • No floor track required therefore coverings between separated areas can be continuous
  • High sound attenuation achieved when wall is in position
  • Extensive selection of panel finishes and option for glazed modules


Focus can supply and install fully glazed partitions and we can also offer glass manifestation - either in conjunction with the fitting of panels or as a standalone service.

With the increasing use of fully glazed partitions in offices, manifestation, applied to glass in the form of film, offers many benefits. Apart from Health and Safety considerations, manifestation can be used for decorative and aesthetic purposes, for enhancing privacy and for emphasising corporate identity.

Films, which are available in dusted and frosted styles and in varying patterns and colours, are easily applied on site without removing the glass from the partitioning modules. In the event that changes to colour or identity are subsequently required, removal of the manifestation can easily be achieved by chemical process.

Floor Coverings

We offer a vast range of industrial and commercial flooring products ranging from carpet and carpet tiles to ceramic, hardwood, laminate and vinyl.


We can offer our clients a full range of decoration options to suit their needs. Advising on texture, design, finish and colour to determine the look and feel our client wishes to create within the office.


We offer a wide selection of materials, finishes and fabrics in a range of sizes therefore providing an extensive range of office window blinds.